Turning misinformation into social momentum, outnumbering the bad apples

United4Information's solution for misinformation

Live Tracker

Find misinformation that is
happening now. A live tracker
enables our team to track
misinformation at its source and develop campaigns to combat it

Social Alerting

Inform the people in affected communities so they can do
something against it. 

Resource Hub

Provide help, support, tools, and feeling of community to incentivize all to raise their voice

U4I turns misinformation into social momentum against it

We will never outspend the bad voices.
The parties that fund false campaigns are more invested than the parties who simply condemn misinformation.

The Problem

Good Voices

While there are many people who condemn misinformation, their personal gain is too small to create a sufficient counter-weight.


People are shocked but standing by as they get manipulated for other people’s gain.

Bad Voices

Self-interested entities become more and more influential by buying power through false information.


People with the highest personal incentives are constantly developing state-of-the-art manipulation methods.

Misinformation In America


Respondents between 18-29 believed that misinformation is a major problem in the US

Social Media And Breaking News


of Social Media users receive breaking news from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram

Our Solution

Good Voices

With seeing the manipulation live and being able to work as a community, people get the needed incentive to stand up against misinformation.

Bad Voices

Self-interested entities get a negative return on investment when trying to manipulate as they trigger more community spread of credible information then having an own effect.

Left by ourselves the problem overwhelms us. But with the United4Information Live Tracker we can make people aware of live misinformation affecting their local communities, giving them the incentive to stand up.  

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