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Hospital Shutdowns due to COVID-19

U4I's live tracker detected a Facebook post from PragerU published July 10, 2020 with misinformation about hospital overcrowding and COVID-19. While presenting accurate statistics about hospital revenue losses, it encourages dangerous doubt regarding the legitimacy of shutdowns to flatten the curve.

Campaign 4: Reopening of Schools

U4I's live tracker detected an article from Fox News published July 6, 2020 with misinformation about reopening schools. Specifically, the article claims that Democrats are scheming to keep schools shut in the fall for "political reasons."

Campaign 3: Antivaccines

U4I's live tracker detected a Need to Know article published on July 2, 2020 filled with misinformation on vaccines. In particular, this article makes the claim that infant deaths have decreased during COVID-19 lockdowns as a result of a drop in the number of people getting vaccinated.

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