Campaign 4: Reopening of Schools

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Colleen Burns

July 17, 2020



What is the misinformation?

In an article recently published by Fox News, entitled, "Trump says Democrats want to keep schools shut for 'political reasons,'" reporter Morgan Phillips presents a problematic piece that targets Democrats and blames them for seeking to destroy the economy by trying to keep schools closed in the fall.

What's the truth?

Phillips' piece offers no counterarguments or reasoning behind the purpose of keeping schools closed, but rather, presents a highly biased and antagonizing perspective that encourages hostility towards Democrats. Though school reopenings undoubtedly impact politics and the economy, the largest factor of consideration for reopenings is whether or not it is safe to do so.

Why does it matter?

Such spread of misinformation threatens the safety of America's youth, as it places politics above the health and well being of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.


For this campaign, we developed personalized emails and "call to action" messages that targeted parents, educators, and students in order to encourage others to share our message and work with us in achieving our goal of stopping misinformation in its tracks.

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