Turning misinformation into social momentum, outnumbering the bad apples
1. Stay Informed 

Misinformation campaigns thrive on uncertainty and the best way to avoid this is by educating ourselves.

2. Get Involved

Recognize that you can make a difference and become part of our community, driven by a common goal to take action against misinformation. Follow U4I on social media to stay updated on misinformation campaigns that are happening right now and help counter the spread by informing your friends, family, and coworkers.




You can also help the community's awareness by submitting misinformation you have identified around you. 

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3. Create Content

The success of countering misinformation campaigns strongly relies on authentic content being created by this community, by you. Identify misinformation through our Live-Tracker and create relevant content to reach people, like you, targeted by misinformation campaigns. You can also "submit content" here to increase reach and to share it with the U4I community. 

Together we can outnumber the bad apples
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