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Our organization was founded on the belief that our societies are, and always have been, shaped by the information available to its citizens. Thus, we see the surfacing of transparent information as the mean to making this a fair world to live in. We are a group of passionate, 100%! mission-driven, hard-working people from around the world, who all thrive for common goals of equality and sustainability.

Remote global team: With uncertainty high, we have set-up a remote Notion-based management structure that works. Come to our office in Berlin or work from anywhere in the world!


Open Positions:

Growth Manager

Be part of the core management team and support the company's vision by managing scalable excellence across the organization.

Creative Director

Give the fight against misinformation your creative voice. Help U4I by creating innovative content and building the brand.

Data Architect

We work with academics and developers from all over the world to collaboratively fight misinformation. Build an open-source platform to unite our efforts.

Startup Trainee

Participate in our 12-month Traineeship and join three departments in key roles to experience the entrepreneurial challenges of building a new organization.

Summer Internship

All positions above are also offered as

min. 8-week summer internships to the most dedicated and smart students- apply now!

Misinformation Activist

Do you want to volunteer in the fight against misinformation? Send us a message and become a U4I misinformation activist!

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