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We turn misinformation into social momentum, outnumbering the bad apples.

United4Information is built around the belief that if organizations and individuals who promote credible information unite their efforts, the resulting synergies, innovation, and awareness will create a formidable counterweight against misinformation. United, we can use our tools, experience, and voices to create awareness for the degree of interference into “free” information flows and enrich them by a credible version of the world, engaging enough to be more interesting than any lie - it’s really happening out there, after all.


We are 32 misinformation activists, voluntarily working for 

United4Information because we believe in our mission: Our societies are, and always have been, shaped by the information available to its citizens.Thus, we see the surfacing of transparent information as the mean to 

making this a world we want to live in.

Julian Haug

Founder/CEO – United for Information

Co-Founder – SquintLabs

Founder – UsPeople

MS – Technical University Munich

BSc. – WHU

Pete Borum

Co-Founder – SquintLabs

VP, Corporate Dev. – AT&T 

Co-Founder/CEO – Reelio (Exit to AT&T 2018)

MBA – Wharton Finance

BA – Stanford Music and CS

30+ information activists from all over the world

Young, enthusiastic people from top-tier universities like UCLA, Copenhagen Business School, University College London and many more. Passionate to change the societies around them.

August Solliv
Melody Chan
South Florida
Roni Marrone
Los Angeles
Michelle Juang
New York City
Julius Gaiser
Rebecca Guo
Tiffany Chen
San Francisco
Chiara Krebs
Meghal Dubey
New Delhi
Barry Qi
Anett Pozsonyi 
Laura Höring
Deanna Cunningham
San Diego
Liza Moody
Los Angeles
Amber Widjaja
San Diego
Winnie (Tingyue) Wang
Los Angeles
Colleen Burns
Meghana Chintala
San Jose
Annie Bou
Los Angeles



Portfolio of technology and services against misinformation

First internally incubated venture

 U4I founded


Live Tracker and open-source community alert against misinformation

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